Verizon Business Services

Verizon Business Services offer your business plenty of options.

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Verizon Wireless is listed as the top wireless phone company in 2020 and 2021 with over 145 million subscribers. Verizon has the largest wireless network offering Voice and LTE data coverage nationwide.
Wireless Connectivity for business serves three critical functions needs:
• Cellular data plans for business devices (phones, Tablets, and computers)
• Fixed wireless for serving business locations
• Wireless Network back-up to primary and secondary Internet connections
Verizon maintains a 5G Nationwide network that features cutting-edge dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS). This supports business functions including supply chain operations for remote and mobile workforces using powerful 5G devices:
Smart phones
Mobile Hot Spots
Tablets and more.


Businesses of every size utilize fundamental services for placing local and long-distance calls. The Verizon Network enables employees to work on the road, from home or in the office allowing them to collaborate and communicate in performance of their daily functions.
Many businesses today are moving away from traditional voice connectivity opting to use Internet as the transport for use voice services (SIP). Verizon has great SIP trunkings plans for businesses.

Broadband / Internet

Verizon delivers voice, data, and internet solutions globally that handle increased usage from businesses of cloud services, video and data storage. Verizon Dedicated Internet Access uses global reach to provide businesses different types of transport, extensive bandwidth options (bandwidth ranging from 1.5Mbps to 100Gbps), scalability and reliability.
• Verizon is a global leader in fiber infrastructure.
• One of the largest data route providers globally
• Verizon DDoS Security feature for Dedicated Internet services is used by businesses to reduce the risk of cyber security attacks and downtime.


Every day is a battle securing data being stored and transmitted globally. Stories are written daily about companies that are victims of cyber-attacks that have vicious impacts to their operations and stability.
Verizon has cyber security solutions that will protect your business from threats. Backed by 25+ years of security experience, Verizon monitors and activity, ultimately helping businesses decide on how to handle and protect their data. A team of world-class security specialists including PCI Qualifies Security Assessors can help you meet business security policies.
The Verizon DDoS solution is a cloud-based service that can be used to thwart off today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks. It works across your business to help maintain smooth unencumbered operations.


Verizon interconnects your co-locations equipment (Equinix) to your network. The Software Defined Interconnect (SDI) uses different access solutions that connect your network locations. The Verizon SDI solution allows customers to have faster activation of Network access services with a layer 2 access loop into Equinix data centers globally. Verizon’s technology utilizes different transport types including Private IP, E-Line, E-LAN leveraging Equinix APIs. Verizon SDI lowers access costs and enables higher bandwidth connectivity using a no touch provisioning method.
• Scalable interconnection access bandwidths from1 Gbps or 10Gbps
• Private IP, E-Line, and E-LAN Access
• Direct Connects to Cloud Service Providers
• Increased Networking Agility
• Fully Automated Provisioning
• On Demand Services and Application
• Lower Costs


The Wavelength Services Verizon provides a large bandwidth connection to be used for providing High Speed Internet or data transfers over fiber lines. Many businesses are rushing to keep up with the rapidly increasing data storage and transmission across the globe. Verizon’s Wavelength service can transport data at bandwidths ranging from 1Gbps – 100Gps.
Advantages Wavelength provides:
• Lower CAPEX and OPEX
• Network Scalability
• Stability
• Protocol Independence
• Long Haul options
• Low Latency with SLAs

Ethernet Solutions

Many businesses face challenges with keeping businesses connected and communication succinct especially when spread across multiple locations. Verizon’s switched Ethernet services helps make this happen. Business link multiple locations, data centers and remote sites via switched E-Line services using the latest technologies. Direct ethernet connectivity between business locations provides higher security, larger bandwidth, and easier scalability to run business applications with Verizon’s low-cost options.
Verizon’s switched E-Line service is available in Multipoint-to-Multipoint, Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point.

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