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Proven SD-WAN Architecture and Groundbreaking AI.

Build Cost Effective Reliability and Security into Your Network

As users rely more heavily on Cloud and Internet-based application, reliable, secure internet connectivity becomes important to your business. Using Bigleaf’s hardened SD-WAN architecture, superior AI, and DDoS attack mitigation, we can deliver the reliable internet connectivity your business needs side stepping limitations within traditional networking platforms.  Over 100,000 users are supported by Bigleaf’s SD-WAN technology.  It’s affordable and generally a great fit for most businesses looking to fortify communications network.   Bigleaf delivers superior support and is the perfect fit for most businesses from a technology, ease of adoption and cost perspective over other SD-WAN providers in the marketplace. Let’s take a look.

Redundant Connectivity

Bigleaf’s Cloud Network Access and plug-and-play router allow superior traffic flow routing from end point to end point selecting best available routes instantaneously.  Bigleaf provides redundant routing that supports bandwidths for 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

Rapid Adaptability

Self-driving AI technology automatically identifies and adapts to changes in circuit conditions and traffic barriers—rerouting traffic before it impact your business.

360° Visibility

Bigleaf puts your mangers in the driver’s seat for handling complaints and support call providing valuable full-path traffic analytics, network performance information, delivers actionable insights, reports, and critical alert notifications.

Same IP Fail Over-

You’ll be protected from
  • Cable cuts from construction, automobile crashes, maintenance issues, and many unseen issues
  • Internet circuit routing issues
  • Internet provider scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Network provider peering issues and disputes that could potentially disconnect you from Internet sites
  • Provider Network instability issues
  • Packet loss due to circuit traffic overloaded

Intelligent Load Balancing-

Intelligent Load Balancing-   Bigleaf’s Intelligent Load Balancing uses Software Defined Networking (SDN) to continually matches your Internet circuit capabilities with your application traffic needs.  The solution is built to adapt dynamically as your internet connections change. This is accomplished due to advanced monitoring and real-time adaptation in the core of the Bigleaf network.

Flexible Load Balancing Algorithms

Depending on the traffic type, circuit conditions, circuit capacities, and other factors, the network will either:

  • Load-balance across all the circuits
  • Load-balance across a segment of circuits
  • Send traffic down a single circuit

All options are readily available for each traffic type, all the time, and independent decisions are made for upload/download traffic flow providing you with best possible circuit performance.

Dynamic QoS

Place VoIP calls with the quality of land line

VoIP is vulnerable to issues with Internet Service Providers (ISP) core and last-mile networks. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Dropped calls and one-way audio
  • Broken Voice Choppiness
  • Bleeping and Robotic sounding voices
  • Strange lag and weird delays

Good news is that does not have to be this way. SD-WAN adds network reliability and resiliency for your Internet connections, with quality VoIP that is a better use of technology then using traditional land lines.

Automatic VoIP Problem Mitigation

Circuits are monitored 10 times per second looking for packet loss, jitter, latency, and outages identifying problems and resolving issues rapidly. When there’s a problem within the network, the self-driving, policy-free AI automatically directs and shapes traffic to ensure high quality VoIP calls.

Eliminate dropped calls

Whenever there’s an internet failure or performance issue, your Bigleaf will re-route VoIP traffic to a stronger performing circuit and using a dedicated IP address, so calls switch Internet paths without dropping. In addition, VoIP traffic is automatically prioritized, so lower priority, less sensitive traffic such as a Microsoft patch download or software upgrade never gets in the way of important calls.

DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS attack strikes can occur at any time, completely grounding your business operations. Protect your business from disruptions and downtime with Bigleaf DDoS Mitigation helps protect you from disruptions and downtime by delivering reliable connectivity for every user, every application, anywhere over any ISP.

Covering Your WAN Network

Automated Threat Mitigation Technology

Protection for your ISP Connections

By owning and operating a cloud overlay access networks using a circuit agnostic solution, all your ISP connection traffic will be protected using a single Bigleaf Solution under one service contract.

This provides your business with protection all internet traffic, without limitations on size, duration, frequency, or type of DDoS attacks. The solution will, minimizes your risk exposure, and will simplify management and support responsibilities.

No need for manual intervention when attacks occur

Bigleaf DDoS Mitigation quickly identifies DDoS attacks and filters traffic until the threat subsides. The automated detection and response platform reacts real time, allowing business to continue operating with minimal disruption.

How Bigleaf DDOS Mitigation Works

Bigleaf DDoS Mitigation stops the most common types of attacks

Volumetric attacks

  • TCP SYN Flood
  • UDP Flood
  • ICMP Flood
  • Reflection Attack

Application layer attacks

  • SSL

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