Edge Computing for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Fiber+ Internet

Lumen Business supports next generation applications and data transfers with Fiber+. This is a reliable fiber connection with symmetrical bandwidths to support your business needs including a 99.99% SLA.
• Flexible bandwidth options up to 1Gbps symmetrical service
• Simple configurations
• Online portal management
• Aggressive pricing options
• 99.99% service availability SLA to support cloud applications

Edge Computing For the 4th Industrial Revolution

Lumen Business is introducing Edge Computing solutions to increase performance and speed to address latency, data intensive and applications.
Connection to your customers, suppliers and employees is critical. The right connections can increase your productivity in this data driven environment. Edge Computing brings the storage and computation closer to the equipment generating the data. This can provide real time network insights allowing for you to respond accordingly. Storing data efficiently in a secure environment and provide applications that follow your business requirements are ways Lumen can help minimize your IT real estate and energy costs.
• Dynamic Connections
• Edge Bare Metal
• Edge Gateway
• Edge Private Cloud
• Edge VM
• Network Storage


Internet – Lumen Business is delivering tier 1 fast and reliable internet connectivity globally. Dedicated Internet Access solutions with Lumen are scalable bandwidth options ranging between 10Mbps up to 100Gbps. Hands-off simplified IT management can be accomplished with including a Managed Router on the Dedicated Internet Access as using the on-line portal for self-service, inventory management, ordering new services and billing.
• SLA driven quality circuit to deliver your internet services
• Transport options available including Wavelengths, Cross-Connects and Switched Ethernet
• Reduced network hops
• Increased network reach due to many backhaul options
• DDoS enhanced security options


Lumen offers cybersecurity options to help protect your business and its data from attacks. The commonality and sophistication of security attacks are more and more crippling to businesses today.
Security threats management can take serious manpower to effectively implement. Lumen can help your IT team be more productive with less through automation of your network security objectives.
• Analytics
• Threat Management
• Threat Intelligence
• Enhance Cybersecurity
• Monitoring


Lumen offers a world class network with high performance, leading security and cloud connectivity to fit your business.
Many businesses run their mission critical applications from the cloud and expect optimal connectivity and performance.
A private security cloud option would help your business production strive with connections to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle and more.
Lumen connects cloud applications globally throughout North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and European regions through access options including Wavelengths, Ethernet, and IP VPN. Currently Lumen is in over 360+ data centers and over 2,200 third party data centers.

Local Voice Services

Lumen offers traditional phone services across the U.S. on their world-class network.

Long Distance and Toll-Free Services

Look to Lumen for business communications and cost-effective phone services to handle your business needs.

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