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Business WiFi

Spectrum Business offers a Business WiFi option to keep the wireless devices within your location connected with the Spectrum Internet (Coax) option at a very low cost.
• Includes our newest router
• Get a secure WiFi connection for your business
• Count on dedicated 24/7 WiFi support

Spectrum Voice

Spectrum Business offers voice services including unlimited local and long distance calling domestically with over 35 phone features. Spectrum pricing for voice services that exactly what they advertise for – the taxes, fees and surcharges are included in the price.
Spectrum Business also offers a Spectrum Mobile phone offer for businesses that can include unlimited talk, text and data usage.

Wireless Internet Backup

Every day is a battle securing data being stored and transmitted globally. Stories are written daily about companies that are victims of cyber-attacks that have vicious impacts to their operations and stability.
Verizon has cyber security solutions that will protect your business from threats. Backed by 25+ years of security experience, Verizon monitors and activity, ultimately helping businesses decide on how to handle and protect their data. A team of world-class security specialists including PCI Qualifies Security Assessors can help you meet business security policies.
The Verizon DDoS solution is a cloud-based service that can be used to thwart off today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks. It works across your business to help maintain smooth unencumbered operations.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum Business offers television channel options and packages to fit your interests. Keep customers happy and employees informed with the HD quality programming of news channels, sporting events and more.
• Reliable TV Service – Crystal-Clear HD picture and sound regardless of the weather.
• Channels Selection – Several channel packages allow for selections of over 200+ channels with news, sports, family and other entertainment options.
• Sports – 30+ national and regional sports networks to choose as well as Pay-Per-View options.

Broadband / Internet

Coax - Spectrum Business make it fast and easy to enroll in coaxial internet services without contracts to support your business needs. The price is the price with Spectrum services. Bandwidth options range from 100Mbps up to a 1Gbps for the coax internet service.
Enterprise Fiber – Spectrum Business offers enterprise Fiber Internet Access (FIA) to meet your core business infrastructure internet needs. It is essential to have this solid core to ensure productivity and operations of the business. Fiber delivers higher bandwidth options and more reliability connecting to employees, customers and the rest of the outside world. High bandwidth applications and cloud-based systems can operate more efficiently with the increased performance of FIA which ranges has symmetrical options of 25Mbps up to 10Gpbs.
Advantages include the following:
• Scalability
• Affordability
• Guaranteed performance (industry leading SLAs of 99.99%)
• Reliability

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