Service Products


In addition to Technology Expense Management- powered by ExpenseLogic software, Iron Shield Networks supports solutions from hundreds of suppliers of technological services. Iron Shield Networks is carrier agnostic, which means we work for you. Our diverse portfolio includes Telecommunications, SD-WAN, Host VoIP/Phone Systems, Data Centers, Commercial TV, Cloud Services, Software Services, Data Storage Services, Network Hardware, Security Systems, Audio/Visual Equipment, Structured Wiring, Wireless Networks, Fleet Management Systems, and Managed Network Services.  We assist by going to the market with your requirements then deliver the best available supplier solutions to you.  Our advisory fact-based brokerage approach delivers clients refreshing options without the pressure or hidden sales tactics.  Iron Shield provides insight, advice and management for clients regarding available products, promotions, and savings opportunities. This one-stop approach saves organizations time, resources, and capital.


Client Support:  Iron Shield Networks has a 5-Star customer commitment program: Knowledgeable, Accountable, Responsible, Efficient, and Attentive to Detail.  The 5 pillars set the foundation that drive our superior customer service expectations.  In support of our pillars, we’ve partnered with RadiusPoint- offering a powerful telecommunications Utility Expense Management system (UEM).  This platform correlates, calculates, and generates technology spend analytics.  Once data is collected, reports can be customized for each client.  The information is reviewed 3-fold by our expert team of analyst who assess the data. We provide analytical information needed to make better business decisions.   All inefficiencies are identified and categorized followed by plan formulation to address each one.  When savings are identified and captured, 100% is provided back to your business at no additional cost.  Our system is tailored for each client based on their needs and recommendations.


Partnering with Iron Shield Networks instantly delivers strength in support of your IT objectives.  Speak with one of our representatives about supplemental product innovations, processes, and supplier information that are critical in making stronger business decisions.  Based on your industry, our team will leverage companies in our portfolio that best serve your specific business requirements.  Upon request, our technology experts will audit your existing infrastructure and make recommendations for your organization.