RFP Generation and Support Services



Is your organization looking to solicit new technology solutions or modify existing ones?  Would you like professional assistance writing, sending and managing your Request For Proposals?  Iron Shield Networks’ team of RFP professionals is here to assist.  With this service, we will assign a dedicated rep who will  write, qualify, solicit, and collect technology solution proposals on your behalf. Utilizing our team of technology experts ensures that you get the exact solution needed, from the best provider available that matches service requirements.  Our RFP service includes:


  • Collecting and Researching RPF Requirements
  • Writing the RFP Solicitation
  • Qualifying Technology Providers
  • Solicit Proposal Responses
  • Manage Questions and Supplier Feedback
  • Collect, Organize and Score Responses
  • Assist in the Selection Process
  • Managing Solicitation Awards


Please reach out for a preliminary consultation on this service.