Protecting client information and maintaining a user-friendly banking experience is extremely important in the banking industry. Consumers must be confident that their financial interests and personal information are kept secure.  PCI compliance and other federal regulations mandate that banks secure client account information and prevent data breaches. Data breaches and client information breaches have forced every business in this industry to adopt strong and secure solutions for self-preservation and protection. The banking industry is a major target for foreign hackers making solutions like DDoS scrubbing extremely valuable to this industry. Due to high security concerns, the banking industry will stay with traditional MPLS forms of networking or layer 2 networks for this for the foreseeable future.  For security reasons traditional phone systems, secure Wi-Fi networks, and secure Internet products will remain a staple. Co-location with at least a tier 4 Data Center will be the norm for businesses in this sector. Outsourcing data security and data storage to a third party cloud operator must be fully vetted. The ability to maintain and control data internally is and will remain a top priority for IT management. Call Iron Shield Networks today to help assist you with supplying and securing your environment.